Search & Rescue: Look To Save

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Search &
Rescue (SAR)
teams look for missing people, in order to save their lives. They also provide aid to people who are experiencing distress, or are in imminent danger. Search and rescue teams use all resources available, to assist in disasters, and to locate and save lost, or missing persons who may otherwise not survive on their own, due to disasters, or from being lost in unknown surroundings. Search & rescue teams are first responders to people who are in dire need of help, just to survive due to circumstances beyond their control. There are sub-fields of search &
teams, based upon territory, geographical differences in land, and conditions of the danger involved, or emergency situation.

The major specialties of search and rescue are:

Mountain Rescue (MRA) – search teams are formed specifically for mountainous, and rugged terrain. Victims are usually hikers, snow skiers, mountain climbers, or possible plane passengers in distress.

Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) – teams are organized for on land or inland waterway searches. SAR dogs are also used during these searches. Victims may include people with Alzheimer’s disease, autism, or dementia, and may be conducted in urban areas, but are not considered Urban search and rescues.

Urban Search and Rescue (US&R), also known as Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) – the US&R team is organized to locate and rescue …

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