Emergency Survival Kit: Do You Have One?

Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit

The purpose of an emergency survival kit is to have necessities available in one place that could be transported to another location, or a storage of basic necessities in one location for an extended period of time during an emergency. Survival kits are called Bug-Out Bags (BOBs), Personal Emergency Relocation Kits (PERKs), and Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) kits. For transportable kits, only the basic necessities are included, and are based upon what emergencies you may encounter. Other survival kits are prepared in the event of emergencies occurring at home, when you would need to plan for an extended period of time, with no electricity or water available.

Shelter can be provided somewhat, by obtaining Mylar coated space blankets, to retain body heat, if you are out in the open. Ponchos, or garbage bags can provide wind or rain protection, and you will need waterproof matches and a catalytic heater with fuel. Signaling devices would include flares, whistles, LED flashlights with extra lithium batteries, laser pointers, a compass, lantern, and a survival manual. Tools that you may need are a swiss army knife, can opener, trash bags for waste material, candles, and a NOAA radio for updates on conditions, or evacuations.

Food should consist of canned foods, MREs, and high-energy food bars. For a more comprehensive supply storage, staples can be added such as flour, grains, salt, soda, oats, …

Survival Gear List: What’s On Your List

Deluxe Emergency Survival Backpack Kit

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Guide To Survival

Ultimate Survival Smart Kit with First Aid

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Search & Rescue: Look To Save

CERT Book For All Disaster Needs

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CERT Book For All Disaster Needs

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