Disaster Preparedness: Are You Really Prepared?

2 Person Economy Disaster Preparedness Kit

Disaster preparedness is a critical issue that can have a huge impact on the life of the people affected in a disaster and which can save millions of lives, if initiated and implemented in a planned and proper way. Many countries both developed and developing, face different kinds of disasters each year such as floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis etc. For these disaster prone countries, disaster preparedness is truly a critical matter, as it can, not only save them from harm, but also ensure the safety of their property as well.

Disaster preparedness is nothing but the advanced planning, groundwork and preparation to embrace the impact of the disaster which might be expected or even unexpected. No one has control over nature and also the natural calamities that the earth faces every year. Unfortunately, modern science has not made an innovation to stop them occurring, since they are beyond the control of humans. In this situation, disaster preparedness is the only way to deal with such events and end up on the safe side. This is one of the major reason why most of the developed countries have invested a huge amount of resources in disaster preparedness. The developing countries are also not far behind in the process of disaster preparedness and are developing their own tools to deal with all natural calamities.

Some of these examples of disaster preparedness can be seen in Japan, which has shown a great deal of dedication and spirit while fighting with the last earthquake and tsunami. They have shown the world, how a country can survive in a situation where many of us would have given up any hope for life. They have also shown us that an alarm system is a critical element in disaster preparedness systems, which can inform and allow the citizens of country to prepare and move to a safe place in case of emergency. The second requisite for a perfect disaster preparedness system is the supportive infrastructure that will embrace the first impact of a disaster and keep the people safe. The last and most important part of disaster preparedness is to have the emergency services and support that will provide help to the victims of the disaster when they will need it most. Since Japan had ensured all of them in their disaster preparedness, they have survived such a strong blow to their country and they are still standing tall.

However, disaster preparedness is not enough to ensure the safety of the people in most emergencies. Many people regard disaster preparedness as only a precaution against the powerful nature. However, the fury of nature is beyond our anticipation and imagination. Hence, we shouldn’t relax just by developing a disaster preparedness system. Rather, we should take a holistic look into the matter of disasters and move to a sustainable lifestyle, which will reduce our negative impact on mother earth. In addition, we should also keep a close eye on our disaster preparedness, which will definitely save us from the coming disaster.