Survival Gear List: What’s On Your List

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In order to properly prepare for an emergency of any type, you need to have a survival gear list. It is important to prepare a list as a family, because each member may think of a circumstance where additional items may be necessary. If you are prepared for the worst, it may just save your life. Survival items should be gathered and placed in a readily known, and available location for all family members, and should contain enough items for three days per family member. The three day rule is to make life sustainable for that amount of time considering you would not have any provisions. These are some very basic items to include in your survival list.

You will need to have food for each family member and pets for three days. Non-perishable foods should be stored in a cool, dry place, and should include each of the food groups. You should also have one gallon of water per day, per family member for hydration, and sanitation purposes. This takes up quite a bit of space, so storing these items in a clean, mobile trash can would be a good place to keep them. Electricity will most likely not be available, so you will need a portable radio, flashlights, flares, heating devices, extra batteries for all items, and a manual can opener for your food. If you have a NOAA radio, emergency alerts and information will be updated, and will inform you of present and upcoming conditions.

A first aid kit is crucial to the survival gear list. A basic first aid kit should contain sterile gloves and bandages, antibiotics and antibacterial towelettes, dust masks, cold and heat packs, a thermometer, eyewash solution, scissors, tweezers, prescription drugs for a month, non-prescription pain relievers, your family medical history, and a first aid manual. Even the most basic kit can be a life-saver in emergencies. You should provide one in your three day survival gear, and also in each vehicle that you own. If you happen to be a first responder, it will be an invaluable tool to perhaps save a life.

Having important information with you in an emergency is very important. You should include a cell phone with all family members’ contact information entered. You should include an extra battery, and make sure that each family member knows who to contact in case of emergency. It is important that others know where you are, and if you are forced to move to a shelter, your loved ones can be notified quickly. Emergency personnel may not be able to respond immediately, but it is necessary to have those emergency numbers programmed into your phone, and memory.

Other items that you may want to include in your survival gear are extra clothes, toiletries, garbage bags and ties for waste, blankets and sleeping bags. If you should be evacuated and need to relocate to a shelter, friend’s home, or another family member’s home, these things will make your stay much easier. It is not pleasant to think about disastrous situations, but if you are well-prepared, you have a better chance of keeping your family safe. Preparing a survival gear list is an efficient way in which to get the necessities that you and your family will need, and to make you feel prepared in case an emergency arises.